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Business Owners Policy Insurance in Houston, TX

A business owners package or BOP, is a business policy that provides a group of policies to help cover your business as a whole. 

Some common types of business insurance are General Liability, Property Insurance, EPLI, Workers Comp, HNOA, etc. Carriers have the ability to package all of these individual types into this BOP; at TexPro we can tailor your business needs for whatever type of business you may have.

What is the advantage of having a business owners package? 

  • This helps keep your insurance organized by having your policies under a package policy

  • Carriers provide incentives and discounts

  • Additional coverage offerings

  • Depending on your industry, some of our carriers may offer an industry specific package that collectively protects your business much more appropriately.

TexPro Insurance is an independent brokerage. We work with multiple carriers and have the market knowledge to find the right policy for your business. 

Different types of business we have insured with BOPs:

  • Medical Offices

  • Dental Offices

  • Entertainment Companies

  • Contractors/Artisans

  • Farm & Equestrian Centers

  • Restaurants

  • Auto Shops

  • Car Rental Services

  • Small Business Owners

  • Medium to Large Scale Businesses

  • & Many More!

We can help with Business Owners Policy Insurance across Houston area

Getting the right business owners policy insurance to cover your assets and provide all necessary coverages is important.   A business owners package or BOP will give you the protection needed to secure your assets and finances in the event of a natural disaster, lawsuits, and many other losses that can affect businesses.


Contact us today at TexPro Insurance. From comprehensive planning and analysis, to any question you may have, TexPro is here to guide you through the process of properly insuring your business in Houston, Texas.

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