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Texas Workers' Compensation

Construction Site Managers

Having workers' compensation insurance in Texas is a necessity for providing for your employees with benefits if they get hurt or injured while on the job.

Does Texas Require Workers' Compensation Insurance?

The state of Texas does NOT require a business to have workers' compensation insurance. Although it is not required, it is ESSENTIAL to have for your business if you have employees. Without a workers compensation insurance policy, this can put your business at serious risk. 

Do I Need Workers' Compensation Insurance for my business?

Although not required in Texas, there are some critical factors that may make having a workers' compensation policy even more desirable. 

  • If you have employees

  • If you or your employees operate machinery or heavy equipment

  • Type of business: if your business operations could hurt you or an employee, this may be more essential to have

What does Workers' Compensation Insurance cover?

Workers' Compensation Insurance provides coverage for both the business owner and employee. Benefits from a Workers' Compensation Insurance policy include:​

  • Income benefits such as lost wages from not being able to attend work

  • Medical benefits for work-related injuries or illnesses

  • Legal benefits if a worker or their family sues your business

  • Death benefits to an employee’s family 

On the contrary, there is typically no coverage for injuries that arise from: 

  • Employee horseplay

  • Willful criminal acts or self-injury

  • Drug or alcohol intoxication 

  • Voluntary participation in off-duty recreational activity

  • Acts of God

How much does a Workers' Compensation Insurance policy cost for my business?

The Texas Department of Insurance (TDI) regulates the workers' compensation program, ensuring that these costs remain at reasonable rates. There are many different factors that can determine the cost of a workers' compensation insurance policy:

  • Type of business operations

  • Claims History

  • Payroll Size and # of Employees

TexPro Insurance partners with some of Texas' best workers' compensation insurance carriers. Contact us today for more information!

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