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Private Client Services

At TexPro Insurance, we offer a select market of insurance services that are tailored for Private Client Services. Insuring your high-net-worth assets can be quite different than the standard insurance process, and that is why it's essential to work with an experienced insurance professional like us at TexPro Insurance.

Whether you're a doctor, company executive, celebrity, etc., we have you and your family covered with our team of experts and market partnerships.



Select Markets We Offer 


Nationwide PC





Berkshire Hathaway Guard

& More

What is different about Private Client Service in the Insurance Industry?

High-net-worth assets require a different level of attention when it comes to insuring them. Homes that exceed values of $1 million, can qualify with selective insurance companies that are tailored to these needs. 

These policies come with special features and coverages that are essential to have as a luxury insurance policy holder.

Our team is fully dedicated to ensuring your private client insurance needs are met. From policy updates, vehicle changes, and analyzing every renewal, we are tailored to your luxury needs. & We are here to deliver service for life.

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