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Commercial Property Insurance Broker in Houston, Texas

Commercial Property Insurance is considered an essential piece when it comes to business insurance. This type of coverage helps protect your business and its physical assets, whether it's the structure of the building or the contents inside of it. Having a commercial property insurance policy can help cover costs if your business gets damaged or destroyed from a covered loss such as a fire or theft. This is most commonly purchased alongside other key business coverages such as General Liability.

Commercial Building

Examples of Covered Items within a Commercial Property Insurance policy:

  • Building

  • Equipment

  • Computers 

  • Inventory

  • Furniture

  • Etc.

Whether you own the building or are leasing the space, Commercial Property Insurance is something every company needs. 

Other Important Features of Business Property Insurance:

  • Loss of Income is another essential feature that property insurance provides. If you can't operate your business because the building is inoperable from a covered loss, this feature will cover lost income for your business. 

  • Equipment Breakdown will cover breakdown of business related appliances due to a sudden breakdown of the item. This will not cover items due to wear and tear or old age.

Best Property Insurance Broker in Houston, TX

Commercial property insurance is not just about ensuring your business continues to operate during an unforeseen event. It is also about planning and securing yourself against risks that can affect the health of your company's bottom line. At TexPro Insurance, we will take the time to understand your business and make recommendations regarding your commercial property insurance that are appropriate for you and your company.

Get Customized Protection for your Business

Before signing up for a policy, you must speak with a commercial property insurance broker in Houston, Texas. We'll sit down with you to hear about your business, then tailor an insurance package to fit your specific needs.

Whatever your need is for your business insurance, give us a call at TexPro Insurance. We'd love to see how we can help protect your business. 

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