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Flood Insurance Broker in Texas

Special Note: TexPro Insurance was founded in Houston, Texas around the time of Hurricane Harvey. The impact of the damages to our clients, families and loved ones is beyond immeasurable.  Because of these tough times, we understand the importance of preparing for them. Flood Insurance is one of the best resources available to protect your assets for your family. 


Do I need Flood Insurance?

  • If it can rain, then it can flood. To ensure your property is covered from flood damage, you will need to purchase a separate flood insurance policy.

  • Based on your property location, this will determine if you are in a flood zone or not. If you are, then that means your home has a 1% chance every year of being flooded. In addition, if you are in a flood zone, your mortgage lender will require you to purchase a flood policy.

Flood Insurance Questions and Facts

How much does a flood policy cover?

Flood Insurance Coverage provides coverage on the building structure of your home up to a maximum of $250,000, and $100,000 for the personal contents of your home such as furniture, clothing, etc. Flood insurance can be selected by incremental levels of coverage up to these maximum amounts, and deductible amount.

How much does a flood policy cost?

If you are in a flood zone, costs can exceed $700+ per year. If you are not in a flood zone, you can purchase a flood policy for $500 on average. This very subjective, as new rating methods have come about for 2022.

*As of 2022, NFIP has made some changes to the way they rate policies. While all pricing is set standard by NFIP, pricing can vary home to home now, no matter if you are in a flood zone or not. This new program is called Flood 2.0; individual home data is used to price the the flood insurance for the property.

When can I purchase a flood policy?

For more information about flood insurance, please contact us at TexPro Insurance. We can get you a free quote and consultation, and look forward to advising you!

Flood policies are sold at TexPro Insurance and are issued by the NFIP. (National Flood Insurance Program) We can not only help you purchase these policies, but manage them for the future. 

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