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2023 Outlook: Home, Auto, Business Insurance in Texas

Insurance has been tough the last few years. What does this mean for 2023 and specifically Texas?

If you own a home, car, rental property, or a business, etc., then you know the last few years have been tough for insurance. Prices have soared high, coverages have changed, and insurance companies have even been cancelling their customers insurance policies at renewal. This all leaves consumers CONFUSED.

"Why did my rate go up?"

"Why are my insurance coverages automatically higher?"

"Why am I being non-renewed on my insurance policy?"

The worst part: they can't find good help to answer these questions, even from their current agent.

WHY? What is going on?

Just like many other things in the economy, costs are rising. Gas, parts, labor, shipping, you name it. This ALL goes directly back to insurance: it costs more money to replace and insure things now.

Specifically to Texas, we have had some major catastrophes over the last few years. Floods, hurricanes, freezes, over-population in the southern regions of Texas, etc. It just costs more to insure things in Texas now along with the overall impact of the economy. The combination of these factors has been detrimental to people who buy insurance, and as we know that's almost EVERYONE on the planet.

The solution:

PAY ATTENTION. It is time to realize insurance is a mistreated item. Just because it costs more now isn't the only factor. Aren't we convinced enough that bad things can happen at any moment? Having insurance is becoming one of the most essential financial products. Get with an INDEPENDENT INSURANCE AGENT like us, TexPro Insurance.

  • We COMBAT these problems by having 80+ companies to work with. We can tailor insurance to your needs, and often times the saves our customers TIME and MONEY.

  • We MANAGE your policies. Stop trying to handle things on your own, we want to help ease these hassles and bring peace of mind that you have someone to call and trust on.

  • We SERVE our community by promoting protection and safety. We strive for our customers to feel safe and protected with our knowledge.

At TexPro Insurance, THE MISSION is to deliver the best insurance experience possible. We aren't focused on sales, we are focused on coaching and advising our clients to understand what they are paying for. Not all clients fit with our agency, because our goal is to make sure we set the standard.

We'd love to serve you, your family, your assets, and your community. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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