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How Are Basic Homeowners Insurance Rates Calculated?

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Many people might wonder when buying insurance, “What factors do they use to rate my premium?”

Every state has a LOT of factors that come in to play. Some of Texas’ top factors are below:

  • Location

  • Claims

  • Square footage of your home

  • Credit

  • Home Value

  • Crime Rates

  • Distance from a fire station

  • Many more!

In addition, every carrier has a different “flavor”; some will rate better than other for credit, some will rate claims better than other companies. That is the key to working with TexPro Insurance: We are an independent agency that has over 60+ companies under our belt to help you get in touch with the carrier that fits you the BEST.

A good example to explain this:

Imagine you and your neighbor, Billy, have the EXACT same house, just next door. Because of the various factors per person, rates would not necessarily be the exact same between you and Billy. Billy has a terrible credit score, has had 2 claims, and has a trampoline on the property. This should help illustrate how the little things, can make a big difference.

No matter the situation, TexPro Insurance will tailor a policy to YOU. And another thing, insurance companies change their “flavor” over time; if things change, our job is to automatically find the best position.

When it comes to the best modern insurance solution, working with us at TexPro Insurance is the #1 method.

  • Completely free service: we only get paid a commission by the companies directly

  • One-on-one advising: you will get a direct cellphone line to your assigned agent for all questions, servicing, etc.

  • Over 60+ companies to work with: Every renewal we are automatically shopping across the field

  • We love what we do!

  • Our differentiation is very simple: we provide the highest standard of service; no call centers, no 1-800 numbers. We are a full service, premier insurance agency for Texas.

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