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Insurance Strategies for Business Owners

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Insurance isn’t ALL about watching price. Part of being a client with TexPro Insurance is having an advisor to help you manage your insurance risks over time, which include strategies to make these processes simple.

Strategies and services we provide FREE OF CHARGE:

*Again, we don’t charge anything: we get paid a commission directly from the insurance carrier.

  • Annual Insurance Reviews: We check in 30-60 days out of your policy renewal.

  • At every renewal, we automatically shop the market to make sure we have you in the best position possible.

  • Industry Analysis: not only will we discuss your business changes, but changes in the world that impact insurance.

  • Insurance advising: Our goal is to complement your business; we understand the importance of having a trusted guide to insure your business and employees.

Having a trusted business insurance advisor can save you money and hassle over time. Here are some things we advise to help manage your business insurance:

  • Let us know of any changes as soon as possible: New employees? New location? New commercial vehicle? New Operations?

  • Changes in Revenue: Has your business increased or decreased in earnings since the most recent policy term?

  • Updates to buildings: Have you made any updates to your commercial property? This can help to update coverages with your insurance carrier.

  • Every renewal, consider purchasing coverages you don’t have. For example: if you don’t have an umbrella policy, consider buying as it will close the gaps of insuring your business.

The main goal of TexPro is always SERVICE. We are dedicated to the BEST experience you can find in the industry. Insurance can be difficult, but only when there is a misunderstanding; we are here to be a companion to your business, and make the process of insuring your business simple yet informative of what you’re purchasing.

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