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Insuring an Older Home?

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Do you own an OLDER HOME? If your home is more than 20 years old, it's very important to discuss your homeowners insurance with an expert.


If you own a home, keeping your roof up-to-date can help qualify you for the right insurance policy:

Roof Age: Most insurance companies will fully replace your roof for a covered peril, if the roof age is within 15 years old. Some companies may cover up to 20 years if you're an existing customer, however past that, most insurance companies will either apply depreciation, or not cover the roof at all.


Most modern plumbing techniques use approved types such as PEX or PVC.

However, if your home is 25+ years of age, you may have some if not all unapproved plumbing.

One of the most commonly denied forms is cast iron piping, or galvanized piping.

If your home was built before 1975, there is a very high chance it may have unapproved plumbing.

What can happen if I have unapproved plumbing?

  • If plumbing isn't up to date, most insurance companies will decline to offer a new policy.

  • If you currently have a policy, and the insurance company isn't aware of the unapproved plumbing, they may deny a claim, or cancel the policy at any given time.

Electrical & Home Systems

Keeping your electrical and home systems up to date, isn't just important for insuring your home, but also for your safety.

  • Homes that are 20+ years old, may have unapproved breaker boxes. For those not updated, this may cause the insurance company to decline or cancel your policy.

  • For homes that pre-date 1975, there is a possibility of knob-and-tube wiring. These systems are very dangerous, and the cause of electrical fire is extremely easy with the amount of voltage used with modern technology.

Don't try and figure out insurance on your own! Discussing your insurance options with a professional can save tons of headache, and leave you with peace of mind.

For a free, one-on-one consultation, contact us today at TexPro Insurance!

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