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Is buying insurance online a good idea?

Updated: Jan 21, 2023

The professional way of answering this is NO. & there are many reasons why:

  • Buying online doesn’t give you the opportunity to speak with a licensed, professional advisor

  • Buying online may limit the options you can find compared to an independent agent

  • Buying online often promotes people to find the “cheapest” price, without understand what else they might need

  • Uncertainty: for the thousands of dollars that people spend every year, customer service is essential

Going with an independent insurance agent is the best resource possible when managing your insurance.

TexPro Insurance is an independent insurance agency and is the BEST, modern solution to buy insurance.

Why is this?

  • We have the same tools you can find online, and tons MORE. While you think you can find a better solution on your own, this is often not the case.

  • You get a licensed advisor with a direct phone line FREE OF CHARGE. What if you have a question? It is important to have someone on your side to assist. We take the time to help you understand what you’re paying for, and if you have any gaps in coverage.

  • Free policy management: we help you manage your policies all in-house. Instead of being unorganized and scattered, we are here to help anytime you need. From billing, customer service, policy questions, etc: we are here for YOU.

  • FREE FREE FREE: let a professionally licensed team help you with insurance. Our goal is to earn your trust for LIFE!

  • Family owned since 2018

  • Texas Specific: we are the Pros of Insurance in Texas.

Contact us today for the best insurance experience you’ll ever have!

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