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Summer Insurance Checklist

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Summer time always poses a unique set of risks. Here are some common topics and tips to prepare yourself for the summer season:

Flood Insurance

Spring is known to be the start of prime flood season; fall is known to end flood season. Have you talked with your agent about flood insurance yet? For Texans, Flood Insurance is incredible important to consider. Check out our agency link for more details:


Summer has consistently shown that crime such as burglary and assault are more common than any other time of the year. Most people take vacations during summer time and away from home: this may increase the risk of a break in.


  • Home Alarm System

  • Motion Detectors

  • Have your neighbors collect your mail and newspapers to appear at home

Car Accidents

Summertime is a bit more riskier when it comes to driving. People are out and about more, and kids are out of school. Teenage drivers have shown statistics for years that accidents occur more during this season. Summer time is 16% riskier than driving other seasons of the year.


  • Review your coverages

  • Drive less distracted to be more aware

  • Encourage others to be careful


Everyone loves hopping in the pool for summertime, however if you’re a home owner you may want to consider a few tips:


  • Review your homeowners’ liability coverage: you may want to increase your limits. For ex: if you only have $100,000 worth of liability, this is a good chance to consider the next tiers of $300,000 or $500,000

  • Consider an umbrella policy to protect yourself even more

  • Make sure your pool has proper fencing

  • Make sure gates are locked around the pool

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