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The Importance of Working with a Professional

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

Right now, keeping an eye on your insurance is MORE IMPORTANT THAN EVER. Rising costs, inflation, and unknowns only emphasize the importance of having your assets/family/life protected. And while costs have risen, BIG CORPORATE companies keep installing a mindset in our brains: BUY THE CHEAPEST.

With that mindset pushed, the average consumer and insurance agent may sacrifice necessities that would only makes things more expensive in the end if you didn’t have them!

TexPro Insurance is a full service, independent agency with the CORE MISSION of providing the highest standard free of charge.


  • Work with the most reputable insurance companies in Texas

  • We have over 60+ different companies to shop around so you don’t have to

  • We auto shop your renewals across all of our carriers

  • Direct phone line to your assigned agent

  • Hands down, best insurance experience you’ll ever have


Let a PROFESSIONAL do the job: knowing what you’re paying for is key. We not only save our customers tons of money and hassle over the years, we educate. We want people to know, not be confused.

Here’s an example:

At TexPro Insurance, we select companies that are best for our clients in regards to pricing and service. However, some of the competition will do things like this:

While not naming directly, a company that rhymes with Stafe Pharm (a captive company: TexPro does not partner with them) recently rolled out a “price savings” promo on their renewal policies. However the “recommendation” was to: “Save $157 by removing your water back-up coverage”. Now why would an insurance company promote this idea that you’re “saving” money? Water back up claims are some of the most common claims: they want to market to your mind that this is a “good thing”: saving money; however, it is NOT. Having an agent that works to advise is the key. At TexPro Insurance, we would never suggest removing a key coverage piece without discussing.

Insurance is frustrating; it’s like diet fads, there’s always some new promo or marketing campaign. We are experts now and for the future; we know exactly what’s going on, and all of the “online ease” you see, we have the same exact tools AND MORE.

Take the stress out of these times with your insurance, and give the best insurance agency in Texas a call.

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