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Types of Insurance Agents

Updated: Nov 23, 2022

“Insurance agent” is a broad title that describes the common idea of “someone that sells insurance”.

However, just like insurance in general, there are SO MANY DIFFERENT variations. Here are the types of Insurance Agents in today’s world:

1. Independent Insurance Agent

Being an independent insurance agent means that the agent has access to various/multiple insurance companies. TexPro Insurance is an Independent Insurance Agency. We have over 50+ insurance carriers to shop with: this allows us to do SO MUCH MORE for the customer.

Advantages of using an Independent Insurance Agency:

  • Works for the client, NOT the insurance company

  • Multiple carriers, more options

  • Ability to bundle AND CROSS BUNDLE (cross bundle means two different insurance companies paired together)

  • Renewal Monitoring: if something changes with your policy, your SAME agent can assist you with finding another potential option

  • Retention: this allows the customer and agent to work together for a lifetime

TexPro Insurance leverages the BEST modern solutions to insurance. We have the best tools, resources, carriers, servicing etc. We are beyond confident that we are the best insurance agency in Texas because of the business model we have: customer first.

2. Insurance Broker

  • Similar to an independent agent, however, fees are charged in addition to the policy premium

  • These fees are unnecessary and only add additional costs to the policy

3. Captive Insurance Agent

  • This is the traditional “insurance agent” description.

  • A captive agent works for ONE specific insurance company, and can’t offer other options like an independent agent can

  • Less options available: customer has to move around and manage their own policies

  • Least flexibility of any insurance agent type

Understanding the various insurance industry business models allows the customer to make a more informed decision. This helps illustrate that the best modern way to purchase insurance is to use an independent insurance agency.

Having the ideal business model set-up, allows us at TexPro to focus on going "the extra mile". Since we are able to do so much for our clients now and long term, our mission is to provide the best customer service possible. That is why we are different: We provide a "red-carpet" experience COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE. We don't need to charge fees, and we look forward to helping manage your policies for life.

For every small business owner, family of 4, college student, multiple business owner, etc. we have the best team and resources available for you. Our goal is to provide a one stop shop that you can RELY on.

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